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Thursday, 13 September 2012

How to Make a Bacon Sarnie...

...the Hungry Jenny way!

When fellow food blogger Daniel of the Haggis and Herring land brought this debate about the Ultimate Bacon Sarnie to my attention, I couldn't just ignore the challenge.

Though admittedly, my way is a bit - how do I put it - odd.

I just want to point out from the start that I don't believe there is such thing as an ultimate bacon sarnie. You should delve into the original thread of discussion which sparked off the whole thing. There's no way in the world that all bacon-sarnie lovers could collectively nod in agreement about the best way to make this delight.

So I just wanted to put mine out there - try it out, it's not as weird as it might sound, I promise!

1. Fry your bacon in veggie oil
Heat up a saucepan and add a splosh of veggie oil. Fry up your bacon rashers (unsalted), flipping them once. I like to go for 2 rashers per slice of bread where I can.

2. Lightly toast 2 slices of multiseeded bread
I dislike overdone toast anyway, but it's a particular bad combo for rashers. Who wants to bite into a hard bit of toast with a soft bit of bacon? That's just weird. And I am firmly in the non-white bread camp, it's boring.

3. Spread peanut butter on each slice of toast
Butter is good, peanut butter is always better.

4. Flip one slice of toast over, so that you have one peanut-butter-sided-down.
Yes, it'll make the plate messy, but with good reason.

5. Layer the bacon on top of the 'dry' side of toast, then stick the other slice of toast on top, the 'normal' way around.
The mess will be worth it, I swear...

6. Cut your sarnie into two triangles
This just instantly looks more appealing to the eye than some bland rectangles. And it's more fun to eat from the pointed corners.

7. Eat your sarnie, peanut-butter-sided-down
Yes. Let the peanut butter hit your tongue immediately - and in some magical way, it just makes the whole sarnie taste amazing. I'm not making this up.

8. Optional advanced technique: remove bottom toast, and eat bacon-side down
To me, this is the ultimate way to eat a bacon sarnie - but it's ruddy difficult and messy. I only do this if there is no-one around, because quite frankly, it's not a pretty sight.

But if you can master holding the bacon underneath that one slice of toast, you'll be rewarded instantly with the bacon hitting your tastebuds straight away. And this seriously makes all the difference.

Still don't believe me? Ok, go and try it with a slice of pizza first...

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Daniel Saraga said...

Wicked! That's incredible, Jenny! I've got to give that a try here.

The discussion is hilarious, isn't it? I'm sure our versions will be damned to heck by the masses.

The best was when we called my father-in-law for some tips (he's originally from Guildford) to see if he remember's what Gran's were like*. He drew a blank and had no personal opinion on the topic. A bit disappointing.

*I met Gran once before she passed and she showed me how to do a proper fry-up. The first step was to put the plates in the oven to keep them warm.

Hungry Jenny said...

Haha, I think that's still a useful tip! Though I'm not sure it's necessary to have warm plates for bacon sarnies cos they'd be eaten so quickly anyway ;-)

Intrigued to see your version...

Hungry Jenny x

Yum Yucky said...

that word "splosh" is such a scientific word. Love it. And I love that bread, too. The final product looks darn tasty.

Hungry Jenny said...

Yes, it's a technical food term, don't you know? ;-)

Hungry Jenny x

Anonymous said...

er, Smooth or Crunchy PB ?

Hungry Jenny said...

Hi Anon, I'm not a fan of crunchy PB when it comes to toast because I find it annoying to spread, so always go for smooth :-)

Hungry Jenny x

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